What will happen about gas prices with Honky Johnson as President?

Honky Johnson Gas Plan & Efficient Energy Agenda

This is the official website for the Honky Johnson Campaign for President in 2008. We believe that we have a good chance at the Presidency in 2008 as more Americans show their discontent toward the Democrat and Republican candidates. Please feel free to show your support by visiting our youtube page, etc...This is the just the beginning of the Mission to Save America!

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Once the polls are closed, the results will be published. The results will include: Which state each candidate won, percentage of votes, etc...

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Honky Travels to Chickamauga Battlefield
Honky's trip was a huge success, in his speech he specifically called upon Americans to make the right choice in defending America, and named several reasons why it is imperative to America to win the fight in Iraq.
The video of Honky's Speech and Trip will be released in several days,as well as his Speech text.
Chickamauga Speech
Mobile Rally Speech 
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